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What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

virtual assistant

What is a virtual assistant?  
A virtual assistant is a digital doer who provides administrative services to their client from a remote office. Green Hammer Digital offers a flexible solution to organisations in all kinds of industries needing support but not having the capacity and/or space to hire an additional employee. If you find yourself in this situation as a manager or owner-operator, you may wonder what tasks you can outsource to such an individual and how you can choose what to allocate to your contractor. Let us provide you with a simple way to make your outsourcing decisions!
You might find that there are many things that a virtual assistant could be doing for your business: social media, e-commerce and website development. You may believe that you need support in most of these areas but might not have the money and resources to outsource the whole package.
Our simple method to select what to outsource to a virtual assistant includes writing up a list of every administrative task that you and your employees do and assigning them to the following four categories:
Things you can do but don’t want to

Things you don’t know how to do

Things that are important but you don’t have the time to do

Things that only you can do

This list will help you come up with an overview of all the administrative tasks that you and your employees complete on a regular basis and what you may need additional help with. From here, you can prioritise the important tasks that only you or other internal workers can do and other outstanding work that you might not have the capacity to perform yourself.
At Green Hammer Digital, we can provide a specific service for your business that is personal to your needs and organisation. Supporting our clients is our passion. We can take jobs you really don’t like doing off your hands and provide a comprehensive service. Similarly, with things you don’t know how to do.  
Deciding to outsource some jobs to a contractor may be challenging for many businesses due to wanting to keep a consistent image and oversee all the tasks that are being completed. That’s why at Green Hammer Digital, we take the time to understand what your organisation is about, how it works and how you go about your business. We keep our work consistent with your standards to support your organisation in the greatest way possible.
Get in touch with Green Hammer Digital today to discuss how we can help you. Our team can support you in putting together a task list and give suggestions for what you might want to outsource to us!


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