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5 Reasons For Needing An Online Presence

online presence

To Be Found: Get your products and services in front of millions. Utilising the latest software, your business can be promoted around the world. In 2022 it is more important than ever to have an online presence. The last 2 years have shown us how unpredictable life can be and the survival of your business now relies on being able to operate during a lockdown. More and more businesses are moving into the virtual realm....Don't get left behind!

Technology: 2021 saw the largest presence of online businesses and as we move into 2022 we will see even more. With the development of Web.3 more businesses will take advantage of new technology and develop virtual shops. H&M recently excited the digital world with an announcement it was opening a store in the metaverse that has since been refuted however it won’t be long until we start seeing virtual stores taking up real estate in Web.3.

Streamline your Advertising: With the aid of Google Analytics (or other SEO software) you can collect data from your website and social media. With this data you can then design a campaign that you can target at the customers you are wanting to attract thus reducing your advertising costs.

Networking: Many businesses online are creating or joining networks that align with their own business practices or form part of their community. There are many advantages to belonging to such communities, the sharing of information and knowledge, discovery of offers being made early. Promotion of your business through a network. 

Credibility: Having a functioning website creates credibility that your business is serious. How many times have you gone to a website and left again because it functions poorly? In some of these cases, people have tried to build their own website and failed. Do you then carry on wanting to engage their business? 

Green Hammer Digital is a recently formed company established to assist small to medium businesses develop or improve their online presence. Keeping up to date with your digital requirements can be time-consuming but necessary. Your digital tasks are just as important as any other in your business.


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