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Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Before choosing or updating your core brand elements, have a look at what your competitors are doing to make sure your brand stands out and accurately reflects your desired brand image Hubspot

Brand Identity encompasses a number of features. We can design a logo in collaboration with you, firstly we will deep dive into a Key To Brand exercise to establish your brand and it's messaging framework. A logo is one aspect, your website, your marketing campaigns are all a reflection of your Brand. Strong brands have clearly identifiable colours, logos, and typefaces that make their visual identity easily recognisable, as well as clear rules for how these should — and shouldn’t —be applied

Consistency is fundamental to projecting your Brand Identity.

Brand story on its own is not enough though, to truly cement your brand into people’s minds you need to have clear messaging that continually supports this story of who you are and how you’ve positioned yourself in terms of what you stand for while reaching different audience segments. As you’ve probably already guessed this isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

Brand Strategy refers to a long term plan that focuses on the development of a successful Brand. The plan is used by businesses to create a particular image among current and potential clients or customers.

Take advantage of our Key To Brand questionnaire and gain insight into what you want your Brand to say to your target audience, Follow-up with a call or email and we we can work through it together and create a messaging framework that reflects your BRAND IDENTITY

There are few things more crucial to rapid recognition of a brand than colour — which is why it’s so important for people who use your brand to get your official colours and usage right.'                                           

LOGO don'ts

Adapted from 'Digital Synopsis' on how poorly designed Logos can hurt your business and how they were fixed

Your LOGO is a visual representation of your business. Fortunately for these company's they didn't stay with a LOGO that was hurting their business.

If your business needs a new LOGO get in touch with us and see if we can do something for you.

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