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Brand Identity

Brand Identity encompasses a number of features. We can design a logo in collaboration with you, firstly we will do a Key To Brand exercise to establish your brands messaging. A logo is one aspect, your website, your marketing campaigns are all a reflection of your Brand. Consistency is fundamental to projecting your Brand Identity.

Brand story on its own is not enough though, to truly cement your brand into people’s minds you need to have clear messaging that continually supports this story of who you are and how you’ve positioned yourself in terms of what you stand for while reaching different audience segments. As you’ve probably already guessed this isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

Brand Strategy refers to a long term plan that focuses on the development of a successful Brand. The plan is used by businesses to create a particular image among current and potential clients or customers.
Use our Key To Brand template and gain insight into what you want your Brand to say to your target audience, or we can work through it together and then create a messaging framework for for your marketing campaigns.

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